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Captain's Meeting/Dinner

The Captain's meeting is always the Wednesday evening before the parade on Saturday.
This year the meeting is
Wednesday 12/4/2024. 
1.   This meeting is mandatory for all participants. If you haven't filled out the Parade
     application and mailed to us, please complete the form (click on button below) and
     bring form and fee to the meeting.
2.   This meeting starts promptly at 7:00pm Venice City Hall, please be prompt.
3.   Have your questions ready and these will be addressed when parade information is

meeting dinner page

4.   Parade rules will be reviewed and your boat's number placement in the parade will be handed out. That 
     number given to you indicates your position in the parade. We will let you know about returning these
5.   Please place these number placards on the side of your boat so that they are visible from land.
6.   Announcement and information regarding the Awards Reception will be made during the meeting.
7.   Please have ready for the meeting the number of attendees that will be at the awards reception (we will take
     a count at the end of the meeting for planning purposes). 2 tickets are free, additional tickets may be
Parade Night - be at the staging area no later than 5:30pm (Marker 13, north of Albee Road bridge).
9.   Allow yourself time to get into position (especially if you are new to the parade), look for parked boats
     around your placement number. 
10.   Staging occurs on the left side of the intracoastal as you look north. Do not stop/park in the middle or right 
     side of the waterway as non-parade boats are still navigating through the area.
11. Roll call will take place at 5:45pm. We must be ready to start the parade at 6:00pm as this is the time that the
     Albee Road bridge will be raised.
12. Decorative lights may only be displayed during the parade. They are not to be on while in the staging area.
     At the Captain's meeting you will be instructed what channel to monitor for parade instructions.
13. Law enforcement and volunteers on the water will assist in guiding you to your correct parade position. All
     of their assistance is greatly appreciated and we couldn't do it without these folks. Please follow their
     direction as they have done this multiple years.
14. Venice Police, FWC, Sarasota County Sheriff, Venice Fire Rescue and Sea Tow will be available for any
     boater assistance needed during the parade.
15. The rules of Marine Safety apply at all times. Check that all your safety materials & equipment is present   
     and functioning: life vest (must have one present for every rider on your boat), throwable personal flotation
     device, navigational lights, and a hand-held or dash mounted VHF radio or other communication device.
16. Keep a minimum of 100-150 feet (~ 6 car lengths) between boats. Maintain an even speed. Constantly monitor
     your distance from the boat in front of you as the parade may slow at times.
17. Absolutely
NO SHOWBOATING is permitted in front of any viewing area or the judges. Such behavior will
     disqualify that boat from any award consideration. Safety of all boaters in the parade is utmost priority.

Please read the above and help us make this a safe and enjoyable parade for everyone. The Board of Directors would like to thank you for supporting this event by participating and to our sponsors for their donation. Because of this great show of involvement, we are able to 
                          Give Back to the Community
          email application:

Venice Police
Sarasota Sheriff
Venice Fire Rescue
Sea Tow Boat

             Remember your Donation is Tax-Deductible

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