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We want you to enjoy the boat parade as much as the people viewing it. The MOST important thing to do is have fun and get into the Holiday Spirit! Stop sitting by the sidelines, it doesn't take a lot to decorate your boat. We can guarantee the "chill" that goes up your spine when you first see and hear the crowds. It will be worth every moment and you will be hooked.
1.  The spectators & judges will see your boat for a few minutes...take advantage and make them remember you. It
     doesn't require thousands of lights.
2.  Decorate both sides of your boat. Mirror your decorations, same on port and starboard.
3.  Create a theme that is festive, clever & eye catching. Examples - cartoons, anything with a Christmas theme, 
     movies, children's books, etc. (Have seen some spectacular decorations over the years)
4.  If you are adding music, make sure it is loud enough for the crowds to hear.(Everyone wants to be dancing)
5.  For costumes & props, make sure they are distinct and large enough to be visible to the audience.
6.  Make a pattern. Take brown wrapping paper, fold it in half and you will then have an even pattern.
7.  DO NOT use spray paint on foam, it will dissolve. Use an acrylic paint.
8.  Know your boat - capacity of generator for lights. If needed rent a generator, reserve in advance. Buying a 750-
     1000 watt Power Inverter does the trick also.
9.  Test your lights before you start, even if they are new. Test again when 1/2 are put on and then test again when
10. Attaching your Lights & Figures to the boat: 
     a. make sure your lights are not hanging/trailing in the water (learned the hard way)
     b. you can use plastic tie wraps to secure both lights & figures (easy clean-up, just snip and gather)
     c. you can use plant ties that come in rolls. Allows for you to cut the exact length you need. Also easier if you
        are not just sure where to place the items on your boat, simply twist untie and twist re-tie.
     d. fishing line solves a multitude of problems.
Just be careful & check that everything is secure so that the wind doesn't get behind and blow items off.

Get your friends to help. If we didn't have fun we wouldn't be doing this year after year. Winning isn't everything, Giving Back to the Community is!!!

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